Michael started writing, The Search for Reasons in July of 2008. His wife's niece inspired him to finally do what he always wanted to do. She wrote a 250 page book of poems called A Poetic Collage. During the time he served in Desert Storm, he knew he wanted to become a writer, but life and resources at the time held him back. 
Michael served 10 years in the United States Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. He worked on the actual Vietnam era F-4 Phantoms in the early 80's, later transitioning to the F-16 Fighting Falcon.  He also participated in Desert Storm in 1991, liberating Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.
Photos are based on the book,
The Search for Reasons.text.
                     Excerpt from Kyle's Army
      “Sir, Major Kyle reports as ordered, sir.”   “Have a seat Major,” Colonel Trout gestured sitting behind a table in desert camouflage fatigues with two captains sitting to his left and right. “As you know this debriefing is classified, and whatever is said here today will determine the next course of action the Pentagon will take in the upcoming missions. But first—how’re you doing?”  “Fine sir, just a little tired.”  “And your men?”  “We lost two, sir.”  “I’m sorry to hear that,” Colonel Trout said with no sincerity. “Tell us what happened at 1730 hrs on…?” he asked lifting a folder while raising his glasses from his nose. “Make that around 1330 hrs according to these reports.”  Kyle sat up in the chair and looked at one of the Army captains taking notes. “We were at the designated checkpoint when I checked in with headquarters. They told me to check my coordinates and confirm our position. Once I verified that we were at the correct position, they informed me that the target was on the move. They ordered us to maintain our present position and set up a protective perimeter.”   “Were you informed by Tac-Ops that the target was heading your way?” asked Colonel Trout.   “No sir, they only said it was on the move, and ordered me and my men to maintain our position. I assumed headquarters wanted my team to hold our position until a decision was made where to send us next.”   “According to these thermal satellite photos your team was a…half a kilometer from the designated checkpoint. Can you explain why your team was not at the checkpoint when you were specifically asked to check your coordinates?” Kyle sat there with a bewildered look on his face and knew he couldn’t tell the truth.   “Colonel, I decided to move the team from the check point under the cover of night.” The colonel’s eyebrows began to shift as anger built up in his face. Kyle didn’t want to tell him that his youngest soldier lost the teams GPS receiver. “I believed that location wasn’t safe and decided to move the men to higher ground.”   “Do you know what you did?”   “Yes sir, I disobeyed a order from Tac-Ops.”   “No, you gave the enemy pin point accuracy in locating key military targets.” The captain on his left reached under the table and pulled up the missing GPS receiver.   Oh damn. Kyle said to himself.   “Army regulars pulled this off of a dead Taliban soldier three hours before you reached the checkpoint. Can you explain how he acquired this expensive piece of military equipment?”   “No…sir, but I’ll find out as soon as I question my men.” Kyle knew someone had to take the fall, so he decided to pin it on one of his dead soldiers.   “There was a legitimate reason you were supposed to maintain your position,” said Colonel Trout. “I hate to say this, but your team was to be sacrificed; positioned at the designated checkpoint to be spotted by Taliban scouts. Intelligence reports determined that your team would have detoured and forced the target to take the only alternate route out of the Tora Bora caves located in the Potohar Plateau valley.” He paused for a second staring directly at Kyle. “We were going to eliminate the target at the alternate route today, but we lost them Major. We lost them because the road was clear,” Colonel Trout said angrily. “And their armed convoy drove right through your unobstructed checkpoint as Taliban foot soldiers engaged your team on the hillside.” Kyle just swallowed as the colonel stare into his eyes without blinking. “We had to save your team since the target was too far away and hidden by the night sky for our ACF’s (Aerial Combat Forces) to engage.”   “What was the target, sir?”    “The most wanted man in America.”
                     Michael K. Jones
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CI I completed this on my laptop computer on 29 January 2014
Crowded Space
(Recognize any of the other ships?)
Galileo Shuttle (Star Trek)                                 (The space city is part of another picture)
Millenium Falcon
X-wing Fighter
Tie Fighter
Borg Cube
Voyager (Star Trek)
Jupiter 2 and Shuttle
Klingon ship
Eagle One (Space 1999)
Death Star
Battlestar Galactica
Discovery (2001 A Space Odessy)
Voyager One (NASA)
 Excelsior (Star Trek) (Detail distorted)
(Recognize any of the other ships?)
Painted December 2014
          Digitally edited. 
Nevada Desert.